Revenue Management
and Pricing

Karl Isler Consulting provides technical consulting services on Pricing, Revenue Management and Distribution to major airlines and revenue management vendors around the world.


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I have more than 25 years of experience in Pricing, Revenue Management and Distribution in the airline industry. Many of the approaches and algorithms that I developed, including Hybrid Revenue Management, Group Pricing, Capacity Sharing and Dynamic Pricing, have been widely adopted in the aviation industry.

Dr. Karl Isler
Managing Partner


We offer expert help to improve commercial performance and increase revenue management capabilities for airlines. We provide technical consulting services to system providers with the goal to improve the understanding of business processes and user requirements.


We analyze and audit current revenue management practices and identify improvement potential. We evaluate the benefits of introducing new system components and assist in vendor selection. We help to build the business case for introduction of new system components.

Dynamic Pricing

We conduct research in algorithms and business practices for implementing dynamic pricing. We can help to improve forecasting and optimization techniques. With our experience in airline pricing, we can help with questions like customer segmentation and competitive strategies.


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